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Purely Angels

Sabi Hilmi _ Britain's Leading Angel Healer

Angelic Vibrations Coaching & Mentorship

'' Release the trauma, Raise your vibration, Rejoice in Bliss ''

Sabi's unique Angelic Coaching Program has been designed to awaken, empower and transform her clients' lives.

This program is based on Dr David Hawkin's famous Scale of Consciousness, Dr Bradley Nelson's Emotion Code, Donna Eden's powerful Energy Medicine and Sabi's Instant Subconscious Mind Shifting Formula (without Meditation) to bring the quickest and lasting results.

Our Conscious Mind (10%) needs to be aligned with the Superconscious Mind (Higher Self), in order to connect with ‘Divine Source Energy’. This can only happen successfully when the Conscious Mind is free from any negative influences of the Subconscious Mind (90%) such as the negative energy of past experiences and emotions which need to be transmuted and neutralised. The vast majority of humanity is either suffering or just getting by. To live in flow, in love, and in peace, we need to raise our vibration to match that of which we wish to attract. Many people are not living their lives, not living up to their potential and are not the best version of themselves. We all have the power and tools to change our reality, and attract what we want. 

What is Included


It all begins with an Energy Vibration Reading to test where you currently calibrate at on the Scale of Consciousness. By enrolling onto this Program you give Sabi permission to test your Energy Frequency remotely, intuitively and with the use of Kinesiology (Muscle Testing). Once you receive your Energy Diagnosis, you'll also receive Dr David Hawkin's definition of what this means and what this is doing for your life in terms of manifesting goals and dreams.

Choose an area of your life that you wish to work on and shift the energy around. You will be guided by Sabi to think very carefully about setting clear Intentions, and together you will do a plan outlining what you would like to achieve.

You will receive ongoing unlimited support, and you can keep Sabi informed on what's coming up for you even after the 4 weeks.

Every Wednesday at 8.30pm UK time there will be a Member's Group Call on Zoom where all participants will learn and put into practice many Energy Shifting tools and techniques to help you raise your vibration.

Health & Well-Being



You will learn and practise how to find your Energy Meridian Points and redirect the energy flow within your body, EFT tapping for emotional freedom, quick Energy Medicine Exercises to align, rebalance, strengthen and protect your Energy Field. You will also be taught Kinesiology Muscle Testing to diagnose where your Vibrational Frequency calibrates at.


Creating Abundance



You will learn Sabi's channelled Instant Subconscious Mind Shift Technique (without Meditation) in order to find hidden blocks which are your anxieties, irrational fears, worst case scenarios and are influencing your behaviour and holding you back from taking action. These influence your behaviour and action/non actions, and therefore your results also. 

Love Relationships



You will delve deep into your Heart Wound which is the accumulation of past traumas, hurts, betrayals and disappointments even if you have forgiven the people involved and forgotten the situations, there will be a shadow or shield protecting you from further unwanted situations. The heart is energetically 5000 more powerful than the brain and is responsible for magnetising desires. 

Intuition Activation & Ascension



You will learn to activate all intuitive centres through the relevant  Chakras, to see hear and feel your Higher Self, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides and Ancestors. There will be healing for your Soul Family and Ancestors to break the patterns flowing through the family line. We will do DNA activations to help you achieve your highest potentials and life purpose.

Ready to Transform your Life?!


Angelic Vibrations ~ Coaching Program 


* Energy Vibration Reading at the start of your program, and Regular Progress Readings

* Intention, Commitment & Goal Setting. It's best to choose one area of life to focus on

* Using Dr David Hawkins' 'Scale of Consciousness' to & 'Dr Bradley Nelson's Emotion Code 

* Regular group Interaction Calls/Get Togethers to practice Energy Shifting techniques 

* Video Demonstrations on how to shift subconscious blocks without meditation

* Ongoing support to keep raising your vibration and spiritual development

* Networking, Community, Like Minded Friendships for support and sharing progress


By Signing up to this Coaching Program, you can earn a FREE place on the ASCEND DAY RETREAT on Sunday 11th July 2021 worth £111.00 

Looking forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

Angelic Blessings, 

Sabi X

Angelic Coaching Program (One Off Payment, Ongoing Mentorship)