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Purely Angels

Sabi Hilmi _ Britain's Leading Angel Healer

Angel Readings

'' Inspiring and Helpful Guidance by Email ''

Sabi has been learning, reading and teaching the mystical art of TAROT since 2002 and she has done 1000's of readings for people all around the World. Sabi's accuracy was tried and tested before working on Psychic TV :)

As she is currently unable to commit to appointments, she created a very POPULAR service 'Tarot by Audio' which has a turnaround of 24-48 hours.

Sabi combines her natural Intuition and Angel Healing technique with the traditional Tarot card meanings to deliver an accurate reflection of the energies around you, looking at past present future, and on emotional mental, physical, and spiritual levels. These readings are very uplifting and supportive to help you through your challenges rather than just telling your future, and many clients feel healing energy through Sabi's voice as in the recording. 

Angel Readings currently unavailable

Until further notice 


Angelic Tarot Reading (WhatsApp Audio)

Choose from the following subjects and send 3 questions:

*Health & Wellbeing*

*Love Relationships*

*Work & Abundance

*Spiritual Development*

*Energy Vibration Test*

You will receive a 10 Minute Audio and Tarot Card Spread via WhatsApp

Text Sabi on 07881368350.


Angelic Tarot Reading (WhatsApp Audio)

Sabi's Contact Details

Email: [email protected] / Telephone: 07881368350